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Wet Cough

Do You Have A Heavy, Mucus Cough?

A wet or productive is a Cough associated with excess mucus or phlegm – which may be described as ‘wet’, or ‘chesty’.

What is a mucus cough?

A cough is a reflex action to clear your airways of phlegm and irritants such as dust. A mucus cough is a productive cough which means mucus is produced to help clear your airways

What are the symptoms of a mucus cough?

  • When you've got a mucus cough, it can feel as if your cough is wet
  • One of the main symptoms of a mucus cough is producing mucus or phlegm

What causes a mucus cough?

  • Most coughs are caused by a cold or flu
  • Mucus helps to keep your airways moist and protect your lungs from irritants
  • When you're fighting off an infection like the flu, however, your body produces more mucus than usual, to help trap and expel the organisms causing infection
  • Coughing helps you get rid of all the excess mucus that gets stuck in your lungs and chest

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